How to help Jessica LeClerk and get triple XP in Red Dead Online

When there’s not much else to do in the Wild West, might as well get some bonus points.

RDO triple xp (1)

The Red Dead Online community might be feeling a bit neglected by Rockstar Games with the lack of any substantial new content lately, but from July 7 to 13 players will be able to earn three times the normal amount of XP by helping Jessica LeClerk or completing any Free Roam mission.

Jessica LeClerk’s land of opportunity

To help Jessica LeClerk and earn triple XP, all you have to do is complete any of the “A Land of Opportunity” missions. These are the main story missions you will encounter throughout Red Dead Online. You can progress them as you free roam around the countryside and find the various spots—marked with a yellow circle—you need to in order to start the missions, but they can also all be replayed.

To replay any of the “A Land of Opportunity” mission line, simply go into the Free Roam menu and select quick join. From here you can set your match-making status to be on-call for story missions. In general, you will be taken to a story mission pretty quickly, if not immediately.

There are 14 total missions:

  • Honor among horse thieves
  • Love and honor
  • The right side of the tracks
  • If the hat fits…
  • Where your morals lead you
    • Only available when honorable
  • Highly illegal and highly moral
    • Only available when honorable
  • Kerosene, Tar, and Greed
    • Only available when dishonorable
  • More than one way to earn a buck
    • Only available when dishonorable
  • Kill them, each and every one
  • Bring a goddamn posse
    • Only available when honorable
  • The hanging of Tom Davies
    • Only available when honorable
  • These bastards can fight
    • Only available when dishonorable
  • Banks don’t rob themselves
    • Only available when dishonorable
  • Destroyed by grief

Even though Rockstar’s newswire specifies helping Jessica LeClerk will get you the XP bonus, all “A Land of Opportunity” missions will incur the XP multiplier, including the dishonorable missions. You can replay missions as many times as you wish and any free roam mission will also give you triple XP for this limited time.