Hints and tips for beginners in Bugsnax

A helping hand.


Image via Sony

Bugsnax is a fantastic game, but there can be quite a lot to figure out. In this article, we will run through some helpful hints and tips that we learned as we played through the game. They will make your life on the island just a little bit easier.

We will be trying to avoid spoilers but will be mentioning some mechanics that you will get access to as the game progresses. They will mostly center around tools you will get access to from playing through the story. We won’t mention anything unless it comes your way during the course of the story missions, and we won’t mention how are why you get it to avoid spoiling what is a very fun and enjoyable tale.

There is a FOV slider

If you check the settings, by hittings the Options button, then go into the Game settings, you will find a FOV slider. The default FOV is a little cramped, so extend it to something you are a little more comfortable with.

You can sleep to pass the time

Some missions occur at specific times, so if you want to quickly pass the time, head to your airship (you’ll find it after playing the story for a short time) and you will find a bed. Interact with it to sleep, and pick a time to wake up that suits you.

Just because you see a Bugsnack, doesn’t mean you can catch it

You will meet many Bugsnax in the early game, but you cannot catch them all. You need special equipment to catch some Bugsnax, so don’t worry if one of those cute critters is impossible to catch in the early game.

Visit the town often

The main town in Snaxburg is somewhere you should visit often. Meet the other characters and talk to them to learn important information and get side quests to complete for them.

If you can’t get access to somewhere, it will open up later

The island is broken into different regions that will become available as you play through the story. Don’t worry if you cannot get access to a certain part of the island, just play through the story and you’ll get there eventually.

A quick tip on how to set up your Trip Shot anywhere

As you play the story, you will access to a device called a Trip Shot. You can normally set this up only on something solid, like a rock. You can, however, put down your launchpad (another device you get through the story) and set up the Trip Shot on that. Perfect.

Don’t skip the sidequests

Sidequests are a fun way to learn more about the people who live on the island, they can also lead you to some incredibly fun gameplay moments. Don’t ignore them.

Take your time

Bugsnax is an incredibly fun and relaxing game. Take your time with it, explore the areas fully, and enjoy yourself.