Horror Land Board Guide – Mario Party Superstars

Horror party?

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Horror Land has made a spooky return in Mario Party Superstars after debuting in Mario Party 2. Back then, the superstar’s objective was to take out the evil wizard version of Bowser, but it seems the locale is still quite haunted and filled with ghosts all these years later. If you are giving it a try for the first time, here is what you need to know.

Day and night cycle

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Horror Land has a day and night cycle that will affect various parts of the map. For starters, two Whomps will charge you a toll to get past them at certain intersections, but at night they are magically frozen on the path they were at during the day. You will be forced to go the other way.

The time will change every two turns. It is easy to tell when it is about to become day or night by looking at the symbol on the right of your screen. If there are clouds, the map is changing naturally. That being said, there are a couple of ways the players can change it. Landing on Event Spaces will automatically switch it to the opposite time. Additionally, if you talk to Kamek in the manor during the daytime, you can pay him to make it night. In the same vein, at night time, there is a group of Boos and ghosts near the middle of the board that likes to party all night until the morning.

Mr. I’s Warp

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There are two locations where a giant eyeball from Super Mario 64 will ask if you want to be warped to the other part of the map. During the day, this costs six coins, but at night only three. If you choose to do this, the eyeball will chase your character to the other eyeball location. This is a great way to quickly get across the board if the star is far away.

King Boo and his minions

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There are multiple Boos that you can talk to on Horror Land. If you use a Skeleton Key to open the gate in the bottom left of the area, you can speak with a Boo on this path during the day. At night time, two are available in the small playground directly to the north of that gate.

You can talk to King Boo and steal greater amounts of coins and stars if you have great timing. He is located in the top right of the board, and you will need a Skeleton Key to reach him. During the day, you will only see a statue of him. Come at night time, and he will have his minions steal coins from all other players at once for free, or if you have 150 coins, he will steal one star from each of them.