How armor works in Call of Duty: Warzone

Armor in Call of Duty: Warzone works differently than other battle royale games.

When you jump into a battle royale game, you start with nothing. You don’t do that in Call of Duty: Warzone. When you drop into the match, you start with a pistol and two layers of armor protecting you. You didn’t have to pick anything up, and it makes the start of the match significantly faster. While healing is automatic, your armor does not return unless you repair it.

Rather than picking up distinct tiers of armor, you have to find on the map you want to locate armor plates. These plates are what you need to use to resupply any lost armor. Every player has three layers of armor, which means you need to acquire three plates in total to recharge it fully. You can find these plates in various locations, such as caches, buildings, out in the world, or by looting them off of downed enemies.

The armor plates take a handful of seconds to place on your character. A single plate equals a single bar, and every person in your squad can carry five of them. The armor plate mechanics is a much easier system for players who don’t want to spend a good chunk of the match looking for every new armor type or feel stuck only having access to the lowest tier of armor. Plus, if you lose your armor and your teammates have a spare, it’s easier to get straight back into the fight.

The armor in Warzone makes it easier for everyone to stay in the fight and continue shooting at each other. There’s a far less of a focus on looting equipment and weapons, so make sure to pick up every armor plate you encounter and add it to your collection. You want to walk around with full armor at all times, and there’s no excuse you shouldn’t have it available.