How battle items work in Pokémon Unite

Your battle items will be actively used during a match.

Image via TiMi Studio Group

You can use two types of items in Pokémon Unite that are going to helping your Pokémon during the match. The passive ones are held items, and the ones you have to activate during the fight are the battle items. The battle items will require much more of your attention to use because you have to click on the item to use it, and they have a cooldown. This guide will detail how battle items work in Pokémon Unite and how to use them best.

Your Pokémon can only carry one battle item on them at a time. You’ll be able to swap this out in the main menu, or you can do it right before a match, giving you a chance to change it depending on the type of Pokémon you want you’re going to use during a match. On the bottom of your screen, at the center, will be the battle item. You can click on it using the ‘Y’ button in your Nintendo Switch. When you activate it, the battle item will be used, and it goes on a short cooldown.

You want to pay attention to the type of battle item you’re using during the match. These can give you a small boost of health, increase your attack or special attack, or defense and special defense, depending on the item you’re going to be using. All of them have a cooldown.

You can obtain more battle items increasing your trainer level and becoming stronger in Pokémon Unite. You will unlock all of the battle items once you reach trainer level 16.