How to Fix the Once Human Network Anomaly Error

The Once Human network anomaly is not the kind of anomaly players hope to encounter while playing the game, because this one’s an error.

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Once Human is an incredibly strange open world survival game where groups of random strangers can band together against paranormal forces and hostile groups. However, it all becomes impossible when the dreaded Once Human Network Anomaly Error rears its head.

All online games are subject to various network and connection issues. Since they all use the internet to bring players into their worlds and then together, it’s only natural that issues with connections can completely derail the game. The Once Human Network Anomaly Error is the epitome of one of these issues, stopping players from even opening the game from its launcher, so all they can do is dream of the nightmares they’re missing out on.

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How to Fix the Once Human Network Anomaly Error

Image via Starry Studio

To fix the Once Human Network Anomaly Error, players must first restart their PC to see if that clears the error. If that doesn’t work, players need to type “CMD” in their Windows search bar and choose to run as the Administrator. Next, they must type in the following strings of text and press return between each one:

  • “ipconfig /release”
  • “ipconfig /flushdns”
  • “Ipconfig /renew”
  • “Exit”

Finally, players can close the window and launch the Once Human launcher whilst still running as the administrator. This should get the game to launch without the Once Human Network Anomaly Error preventing the game from running.

Some players have discovered that the same fix can be achieved by locating the Once Human launcher files, right-clicking them, and opening them as an administrator. This achieves the same result through a more streamlined process, but the command console may be required if this solution doesn’t work.

What is the Once Human Network Anomaly Error?

Image via Starry Studio

The Once Human Network Anomaly Error doesn’t seem to be caused by an issue with the game’s network connection or the player’s. Instead, based on the fixes we’ve outlined above, we believe it’s a cache issue related to files that have been stored and are preventing the game from launching.

This is similar to how a browser cache can stop users from viewing images on a website until they clear their history. Caches create glitch that seems to have no rhyme or reason to it, yet clearing that cache will remove the glitch completely. Thankfully, it’s not something more severe, such as frame drops in Ready or Not.

Everything we’ve seen on the official Once Human Discord server, which is only available to those who sign up on the game’s website, this error is nothing but files acting strangely. Of course, that shouldn’t be a surprise with a game that’s very upfront with how strange things can get once players open it.