How concentration works in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One

Sometimes concentration is the key.

Image via Frogwares

Concentration is one of the many tools that Sherlock has up his sleeves in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One. No doubt that this ability will be used throughout the whole game, it lets Sherlock ascertain information about an object or an individual. While Sherlock is concentrating, the world will turn grey and have a hand-drawn look about it.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Concentration can be used when investigating an object like in the image above. You will know when concentration will be necessary because the object will have a hand-drawn circle around it. If you notice that symbol, highlight the object while concentration is active and Sherlock will automatically deduce key information about the object.

Screenshot by Gamepur

As seen in the image above, concentration can also be used on people. This comes up during investigations and allows Sherlock to find certain individuals he may want to question. The first reference to this is when you need to find the owner of the missing cane. Keep in mind that some of a person’s traits may only appear while you have your casebook open.

To activate concentration, press the R1 button if you are on Playstation or the RB button if you are on Xbox. Pressing the button a second time will take you out of concentration.