How crossplay works in Worms Rumble

Play with your friends, regardless of what system you’re using.

Image via Team17

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Worms Rumble is coming to the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and it’ll be available on Steam. It features a 32-player battle royale deathmatch where players compete to be the last one standing. It’s the first Worms game with real-time combat in i it, so while the combat formula has changed, the Worms franchise’s wacky and absurd weapons remain. How does the crossplay functions work?

Regardless of how you’re playing Worms Rumble, you’ll be able to battle and team up with players from different systems. At launch, Worms Rumble only features two different systems, PlayStation and PC players. For those who tried out the game’s beta in early November, it should work the same way, and if there were problems during this phase, it’s like the developers have stomped out more of the larger issues. Not too many players reported having problems with it during this time, so we’re not predicting any new issues to crop up.

Worms Rumble features solo and squad battle queues, so you can choose to go it alone or party up with a friend before jumping into games. By enabling crossplay between the two systems, developer Team17 should see a longer lifespan and increased gameplay quality. Now, all they need to do is bring the game to the Nintendo Switch and Xbox systems, and they’ll have an even larger audience ready to jump into the game.