How does cooking work and where do you find recipes in Ooblets?

Make sure to add a few spices.

You won’t be able to fit everything you want to do in a single day in Ooblets. An excellent way to make sure you have enough energy to do tasks is to have plenty of food on your person to restore it. You can make more food by cooking it in your home, and there’s a small stove available to you when you first start the game. Any of the food you want to make in the game requires various ingredients. You need to learn new recipes that you can find all over the game.

Cooking requires you first to know a recipe and to have ingredients for it. You can learn recipes by picking up scraps of recipe pieces all over town. Once you have four of them in your inventory, click on it to assemble it, and you will learn a new type of food to make. The recipe pieces do refresh each day, but in new locations, so you can find yourself looking for them all over the game inside of buildings. You can open up your Grumboire to the almanac section to investigate any recipe you know to see what ingredients you need.

When you’re ready to create a recipe, return to your farm and go inside your home. There should be a small stove that you can use to create any of your recipes. Any of the food you can make will be in full color, while the recipes you do know but don’t have ingredients for will have a darker shade. Click on any highlighted food to make it while at your cooking station, and the crafted item will immediately go into your inventory.