How does cross-platform progression work in Rocket League?

Here is how cross-platform progression will work in Rocket League.

Rocket League is undergoing a series of changes after its acquisition by Epic Games last year. Soon after the acquisition, the game ditched loot boxes for blueprints, and just a few months ago, it was announced that the game will be becoming free-to-play later this summer. Just before the game becomes free-to-play, the developers are adding cross-platform progression in Rocket League.

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Cross-platform progression will basically unify the progression across all platforms. All your DLCs, progression, levels, and everything else will be the same irrespective of the platform you are playing on. Players can connect any platform to Epic Games Store, but they will have to choose their primary platform there. Ideally, this should be the account with the highest progression. Once the primary account is chosen, the data will be replicated across all platforms.

While this might be a welcome move, it should be noted that this doesn’t mean platform-exclusive content will carry over across platforms. Moreover, trading will be platform-restricted, so PS4 players will only be able to trade with PS4 players and likewise for other platforms. This is done to prevent frauds.

Rocket League is still a niche eSports title, and the move to make the game free-to-play can turn out to be a big thing for the game. With the changes, the game has in the roadmap, and the support from Epic Games, it should do well in the near future.