How does the Home Transporter Poké Ball work in Pokémon Go?

It’s a critical item you need to use.

Image via Niantic

Pokémon fans who have been playing Pokémon Go for so many years have collected an army of pocket monsters they’ve encountered while walking around the real world. These Pokémon have fought in raid battles, legendary raids, been caught on Community Days, and even help players reach rank 10 in the Pokémon Go battle league. With Pokémon Home connecting to Pokémon Go, those Pokémon can go on other adventures, and players can bring their favorite Pokémon captured in the main series to their mobile device.

An item you want to become familiar with is the Home Transporter Poké Ball. It’s a new item in Pokémon Go that, right now, we don’t have too much information about. We know from the Pokéminers team on Twitter that it’s a new item coming to the game, alongside the Pokémon Home Transporter. Both of these were pushed in the code at the same time.

With the Home Transport Poké Ball, we’re assuming this is what you need to transport a Pokémon you capture in Pokémon Go to transport to other games. Because there’s a Poké Ball, we’re guessing you have to use that Poké Ball to capture the Pokémon in the game to then use it on the other device, the Pokémon Home Transporter. It would be best if you kept in mind that when a Pokémon leaves Pokémon Go and goes to Pokémon Home, you cannot transfer them back to the mobile game. Once they leave, you have to keep them in Home and use them in other games.

We’ll be updating this page with exact information about how you go about acquiring these Home Transport Poké Balls and if you need to purchase them from the Pokémon Go store or not. Hopefully, we’ll be able to earn them by wandering around in the game and spinning Poké Stop and Gym discs, or they’re rewards for completing raids and other in-game activities.