How does the shop stock rotation work in Hot Wheels Unleashed?

When can you buy new cars again?


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The shop in Hot Wheels Unleashed is where you can browse through a limited range of new cars and purchase them for your collection. However, the shop has a rotation timer that doesn’t rely on in-game time. It relies on real-time. This guide explains how the stock rotation works in this shop, so you know when to check for new vehicles.

How does the shop stock rotation work?

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Shop stock in Hot Wheels Unleashed consists of five cars. These vary wildly in price depending on how rare they are. You can purchase all of the vehicles on sale and even buy multiples if you really want to. However, the stock won’t change until four hours have passed.

This timer is based on the time you play the game for. There’s no alternate game time, and the game isn’t waiting for four hours to pass in the real world. It’s waiting for four hours to have passed while you’ve been racing, building, or customizing. The timer counts down in the background, and once it’s finished, a new range of five cars will be on sale. You’ll have to play for another four hours before you can see a new range of cars on sale.