How to get the Tanknator in Hot Wheels Unleashed

That’s no car.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Tanknator is one of the dozens of cars that you can unlock in Hot Wheels Unleashed. However, it’s so rare that you may never come across it. In this guide, we’ll explain how you can get it for yourself so you can slide around races in a tank and run over the competition.

How to get the Tanknator

There are two ways to acquire the Tanknator for yourself. We were fortunate and unlocked it very early on in our playthrough in a Blind Box. The chances of this happening are minimal, but we’ve proven that it’s possible. The version we got is orange and is worth 2,000 Coins if sold because it’s part of the elusive Treasure Hunt Series.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The second way that we’ve seen you can get Tanknator is by purchasing it from the shop. The shop’s inventory rotates every four hours of game time, so you’ll need to play for a total of four hours if you want to see if Tanknator is in the next rotation. We found a white Tanknator in our shop for 1,200 Coins. However, this version is from the Experimotors series, not the Treasure Hunt Series as we acquired from our Blind Box, which is why it’s worth less.