How to get KK Slider to visit your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Put on a show.

Image via Nintendo

KK Slider, the guitar loving dog, can come to visit your island and play a concert for the residents in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. There a few steps you will need to go through to make it happen, however.

After you upgrade Resident Services from a tent to a proper building, go and speak with Tom Nook. He will say he has something he wants your help with. Sit down and ask what it is, and he’ll tell you that he wants to get KK Slider to come and visit.

For the gig to happen, you will need an audience, so you will need to get more visitors to arrive on your island. You will need to place a Campsite somewhere, and Tom Nook will give you what you need to set it up.

After you get the island set up for visitors, you will also need to work on getting more residents. Tom Nook wants a big audience for this show that he has planned. 

The third piece of the puzzle is to make your island look nice. Make sure there are lots of flowers, furniture, fences, and other stuff for your residents. Pull any weeds and tidy up any trees that are in the way. Speak with Isabelle whenever you need help with what to do next.

After that, it’s a waiting game. Stay working on your island and wait for the great KK Slider to decide it’s a nice spot to visit. He will contact Tom Nook when the time is right. Once he arrives the first time, he will fall in love with the island and visit every Saturday to put on a show.