How Hopping Skewers work in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Increased Dango benefits in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, but there are plenty of risks to consider.

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Hopping Skewers in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak are a new way to receive Dango buffs before you go out on a hunt. These can offer you increased benefits before you embark against a powerful monster, but the feature has several risks, although the rewards are worthwhile. In this guide, we’re going to cover how Hopping Skewers work in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

Should you use Hopping Skewers?

The Hopping Skewers are available in Sunbreak, and they can enhance the Dango you pick to eat. When you choose to activate Hopping Skewers, the top Dango will increase to level four effectiveness, and your middle choice will increase to level three, but they have less chance to activate when you eat it. The bottom one, however, will reduce down to a level one Dango buff, lowering its effectiveness, but the chances of activating will increase.

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If you do not choose to use the Hopping Skewers, all Dango is set to their standard level two effectiveness.

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You will need to weigh the risk and reward of activating the Hopping Skewers to receive these improved buffs. There’s the option to use a Dango Ticket item to increase the chances for each one to trigger, even if you’re using the Hopping Skewers. In our example, we selected Invigorating on top, Centering in the middle, and Analeptic on the bottom. The Invigorating Dango increased to level four but has a standard 30% chance to activate, and the Centering went up to level three and had a 45% chance to activate. We increased this to 70% and 85%, respectively, by using a Dango Ticket.

The choice comes down to the monster you’re battling in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak and how much trouble you’re having with them. We believe you should place Dango on top with the best chance to activate, and the ones with less of a good chance, like the Centering Dango, to go in the middle.

You will want to pick your Dango wisely whenever using the Hopping Skewers, and these are free, so experimenting with your favorite Dango will be the best strategy. Anyone who is sitting on a pile of Dango Tickets will have more of a reason to use them on riskier choices, such as Invigorating, Fruitflash, or Magnacrisp. Make sure to compare your choices with the standard Dango chances before making a decision.

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