How long after Horizon Zero Dawn does Horizon Forbidden West take place?

Aloy’s story is far from over.

Screenshot by Gamepur

It’s been five long years since Horizon Zero Dawn came out, and Horizon Forbidden West is finally here for both PS4 and PS5 users. But Aloy’s time has passed too, just to a lesser extent. How long has she been out there fighting the good fight after her clash with Hades? Here’s what we know.

It has been six months after the events of Horizon Zero Dawn, and throughout that time Aloy hasn’t rested. She’s been on the hunt for a way to revive GAIA, a program that can reverse the effects of the machines’ impact on the Earth. When she reunites with her somewhat upset friends (who she left shortly after her last victory without saying goodbye), she soon realizes that her war against Hades isn’t over. Sylens, her guide throughout the first game, has betrayed her trust and kept the program alive.

Now that she knows that the world is in graver danger than before, she heads west to meet Sylens and possibly end the crisis once and for all. And she, as the only clone of Elisabet, is the only person who can fix everything. No pressure.

Aloy’s honorable quest has likely taken a year or two, and her journey into the massive open world of Forbidden West will greaten that time even further. Hopefully, she can rest soon and enter into a new chapter of peace, but she has a great threat to deal with first.