How long will New World be under maintenance?

The team is hard at work working through technical difficulties.

Image by Amazon Games

New World is MMO, so when the servers are down for maintenance, players can expect to be waiting for a while before everything is in the clear. You can expect this to happen right after the Amazon Games development team pushes and works on a new update. The maintenance time for these events usually remains the same, so how long can you expect to wait before everything is ready to go back online?

For those waiting for update 1.02 to patch, the patch may already be available for you to download. So you can update your New World game right now and get that ready to go so you can jump into the game immediately when it’s ready to go. However, the Amazon Games team has posted they will need at least a total of five hours before they’re prepared to rerelease the servers. The last time this happened, it took the five hours, plus an additional two, for everything to return online. We might expect a similar process this week, but it shouldn’t be forever. We can expect the servers to return sometime between 11 AM to 1 PM ET.

We recommend you quit the game and check back on things when everything has come back up. The New World team is making sure everything checks out okay before the servers return.