How Not to Get Sick While Playing Sea of Thieves


In my 20 plus years of playing video games, I have never once gotten motion sickness. That all changed when I spent a night playing Sea of Thieves. It was something I had never experienced before and hope to never experience again. Headaches, nausea, and dizziness are a few signs of motion sickness, and they are not fun to deal with.

In Sea of Thieves, you will spend a majority of your time sailing, and Rare has done a fantastic job on how your boat reacts to the waves of the sea. With these tips provided, hopefully you won’t succumb to motion (sea) sickness.

Look Away From The Screen

How Not to Get Sick While Playing Sea of Thieves
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While looking away from your screen isn’t encouraged in most games, doing so in Sea of Thieves is a great idea. Unless you’re steering the ship, looking away may cause you to visit Davey Jones’ Locker. If you’re responsible for hoisting and directing the sails, looking away from the screen until you’re needed is completely fine. Just be ready for when your Coxswain needs to change course.

Take A Break

How Not to Get Sick While Playing Sea of Thieves
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Taking a break from Sea of Thieves or any game is always encouraged after playing for several hours. Doing so will let you get your land legs back and give your eyes a much needed rest on something more stationary. Going outside and getting some fresh air will help as well.

Watch What You Eat

How Not to Get Sick While Playing Sea of Thieves
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If you’re like me and like to game after eating a meal or snack while you’re gaming, it could be a problem. Giving your body a little time to digest food before sailing is a good idea. Also, drinking caffeinated beverages can cause you to feel nauseated if you suffer from motion sickness. I recommend drinking a nice cold Ginger Ale as a replacement.

Acupressure/Sea Bands

How Not to Get Sick While Playing Sea of Thieves
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Acupressure or Sea bands have been scientifically proven to lessen or eliminate nausea and vomiting. They’re fairly cheap and a great drug free alternative with no side effects and come in array of colors. They can be found online and at your local drug store.

Proper Lighting

How Not to Get Sick While Playing Sea of Thieves
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We all know playing video games or watching television in the dark is bad for your eyes anyway, so making sure you have proper lighting will help prevent some motion sickness. If you find yourself gaming during the day, opening the curtains and letting natural light in is good too, just make sure it is enough.


How Not to Get Sick While Playing Sea of Thieves
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While I’m not a doctor and can’t guarantee that these tips will help you reduce or eliminate motion sickness, I am someone who doesn’t want to be affected or have others affected by it. Always consult a professional.

Hopefully looking away from the screen, watching what you eat, taking a break, getting an acupressure/sea band, and setting up proper lighting will help reduce or eliminate any motion sickness. For more game related tips, be sure to visit our Sea of Thieves Guide Hub.