How the Mementos stamps work and how to get them in Persona 5: Royal

Gather up stamps to modify your Mementos journey.

Persona 5 Royal

While you’re exploring Mementos in Persona 5: Royal, you have the chance to find stamps that come from Jose. He’s a new character to Royal, and he provides you with some great opportunities you can use to help level yourself or earn money in the game. 

You can find the stamps station all over a Mementos. However, they primarily show up at the end of them when you descend a level. You want to make sure you always hit a stamps station whenever you see one. They also encourage you to explore a Mementos level because you can find them behind breakable walls. There are 165 stamps in total, and their locations vary all over the game.

The stamps are a great way to modify how you play through a Mementos and your overall goal for being there. For example, if your main objective to play through Mementos is for your party members to level up, you can turn those stamps into Jose, who will give you an experience point buff to whatever you do during that time. You can do this for money or the items dropped by the shadows. If you want to change what stamps you invested in a particular category, you can provide flowers to Jose, who can reset it for you.

You want to take advantage of these stamps whenever possible. You can use them as an excuse to explore a floor for longer than you normally would, but don’t stay too long in one place, because there’s always the potential of a reaper to come to ruin your day.