How to access the gallery in HuniePop 2

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HuniePop 2

Image via HuniePot

HuniePop 2: Double Date is the sequel to the popular dating sim and puzzle game hybrid, HuniePop. Much like its predecessor, you’ll have to match up titles in order to woo over your dates. But this time around, instead of having to woo over one woman, you’ll need to win two at the same time on a double date. So, it’s important that you carefully plan out your moves so that you’ll be able to positively impact your relationship with both women.

How to unlock art in HuniePop 2

By successfully completing your double dates with each of the characters throughout the game, you’ll unlock a CG, where you can see the romance art between them. It requires two successful double dates per pairing to unlock them, and there are 25 of them to collect, including the tutorial mission’s art.

However, once you have collected them, you can’t go to the pause menu to find them. Romance art can only be found within the current save file. If you want to view previously unlocked gallery art of the characters, you need to head to the hotel where Kyu the love fairy is located. Here, you can rest up to allow characters to gain back stamina, check on your progress, and the final option should allow you to check the gallery. 

This will show you all of the pictures that you have previously unlocked. What you will see depends on the setting that you are currently using for the Censorship options. If you are playing a censored version of the game, you will only see these pictures.

However, if you have the censorship option turned off, you will see your currently selected option for viewing the artwork. If you enter one of the photos, you can cycle between the three options for how you view the artwork at your leisure.