How to access the hidden artifact realm in Risk of Rain 2

Where can you find the new hidden realm?

A new Risk of Rain 2 update means there’s a brand new hidden realm for players to unlock. It’s directly connected to how you will unlock the artifacts in the game, the new mechanic set at the center of this update. Artifacts will modify how you play the game before a run, and we have all of their respective codes already prepared. However, how do you get to the location to unlock these artifacts?

The new hidden realm, the artifact portal, is found on the new fifth level, the Sky Meadow location. It’s a beautiful new area you can freely explore. However, on the lower area of the level, you should see a small section where you can input nine different symbols. These symbols are how you summon the new Artifact Portal to enter the artifact realm. You can find all of the 16 codes, one for each of the artifacts in the game, hidden throughout Risk of Rain 2 on a stone tablet.

These stone tablets are hidden in several locations. When you find one, input the code to these cylinders and then return to the computer at the front of the codes. After inputting the correct code, an Artifact Portal will appear in front of this location, and you can freely enter the new realm. Inside, you’ll find the Artifact Reliquary, surrounded by a shield. It will have whatever artifact you input the respective code to enter that realm, and after you interact with the Reliquary, you will engage waves of enemies. Kill them, and they drop small items you can use to chip away at the shield protecting the Reliquary. Once the shield is down, you can claim your artifact.

You will need to do this process for all 16 artifacts if you want them attached to your account. Luckily, the process is the same each one, so as long as you learn where all 16 codes are in Risk of Rain 2, you’re good to go. You don’t have to visit the stone tablets to summon the portal. All you need to do is know the code to input before activating the portal, and you can proceed.