How to get to the artifact hidden realm in Risk of Rain 2

Nothing in this realm can hide from you.

Image via Hopoo Games

There are multiple realms for you to explore in Risk of Rain 2, and there are several ways you can modify your experience, but you will need to play through multiple times to add several modifiers. Artifacts, added in the artifact update, are one of the more notable ways to change your Risk of Rain 2 experience directly. To find them, you need to access the artifact hidden realm, also called Bulwark’s Ambry. This guide covers how to get to the artifact realm in Risk of Rain 2, unlocking artifacts.

How to find Bulwark’s Ambry

You want to look for a device called the Compound Generator, which only appears on the Sky Meadow map. It appears as the fifth stage for you to explore. You want to ensure you find an artifact code before reaching this location. There are 16 artifact codes for you to find, and we have them all listed for you to quickly reference.

Input any of the 16 codes into the Compound Generator, and a portal will open, giving you access to Bulwark’s Ambry. Upon entering the realm, an Artifact Key will spawn somewhere on the map, and you will need to grab it. Once you have the key, you need to find the Artifact Reliquary, which generates multiple monsters onto the map. Next, you will need to defeat these monsters and destroy the Reliquary. A portal appears back to the first level after you defeat the Reliquary.

You will need to do this for every artifact to unlock them all. This process can take quite a bit to complete, but we recommend taking a friend or two with you to help you endure the waves of monsters.