How to achieve 3 Star rank on Freshleigh Meadows in Two Point Campus

Class is in session.

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Two Point Campus will have you managing and building many college sites throughout your time in the game. While you can easily jump between them after meeting the bare minimum requirements at each stage, getting a three star rating shows you have excelled at that location and have done everything you can there. Here is how you can achieve the three star rank for the first level, Freshleigh Meadows in Two Point Campus.

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How to get a three star rating at Freshleigh Meadows in Two Point Campus

The first time you start up Freshleigh Meadows, you will have a tutorial that lasts through the first year of school, teaching you the basics. Once you get to year two, you can begin working on earning your stars.

1 star requirements

To get your first star, you need to do the following:

  • Reach Campus Level 5
  • Have average happiness at 60%
  • Pass a Virtual Normality Class with Grade C

All of these should be pretty simple to reach pretty soon. The Virtual Normality Class is your newest unlock at this point, so you should have just set up a classroom to begin teaching it. Hire your teacher and begin accepting students; this should be done quickly.

The Campus Level and average happiness can kind of be connected hand-in-hand. Campus Level is earned by adding more features to your campus overall. Unlock new plots, construct new buildings, and insert new classes, Dormitories, and other rooms. Just keep adding to the place. To get happiness higher, ensure you have covered your students’ wants and needs. They will occasionally ask you to add things, so do that when they ask to make them really happy. Also, be sure to insert Bathrooms in every building. You can also check happiness overall by opening the Happiness section in the mini-menu at the bottom of the screen.

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2 star requirements

Your requirements for the second star are:

  • Reach Campus Level 9
  • Earn $150,000
  • Have an average Dormitory rating of 70%
  • Satisfy 10 Personal Goals

To reach Campus Level 9, unlock the third and final plot of land and keep adding new rooms and features to all of your buildings. The money will come in over time, so don’t worry about that.

To have your Dormitories reach a rating of 70%, include plenty of Beds, Wardrobes, Desks, and decorations in all Dormitories you have made. If you need to, expand them to fit more items inside.

Personal Goals will pop up in your mailbox every now and then, and are signified by a dartboard icon. Whenever these come up, just buy the item your student requests and place them around the campus to exceed this goal.

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3 star requirements

Your final challenge has the following requirements:

  • Upgrade a Course to Level 4
  • Have ten students get A grades in class
  • Average happiness rating of 65%
  • Have ten students graduate

This final rating will take the longest to complete because you will have to go through a couple of years to finish it. Don’t forget that you can speed up the game if you feel there isn’t much for you to do.

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To upgrade a Course, you must first get your Campus Level up into the teens so you have earned enough Course Credits. In-between school years, you can manage the Courses you are offering and upgrade them to bring in more students.

To have enough students get A’s in a class, ensure you have given them the tools to meet that requirement. Make sure you have multiple Libraries with enough desks that let them do their homework, and whenever they ask for something to complete an assignment, buy it and place it in the proper area.

At this point, your college will be much bigger than when you started and have more students to look after. Use the Happiness tool from earlier to find who might be dragging your score down and meet their wants and needs.

After you have reached the end of the third year, your students can begin graduating if they have good enough grades. Manage the other areas of the three star challenges here well, and you should meet the criteria pretty easily.