How to find the white raven in Apex Chronicles: Old Ways, New Dawn Apex Legends

The white raven awaits you.

White Raven

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The newest Apex Legends event is here, and it is in a new format called Apex Chronicles. Apex Chronicles are story and lore-driven events, and this first one revolves around a specific Legend: Bloodhound. The event is called Old Ways, New Dawn, and it will reveal lore — not just about Bloodhound themselves, but also their home, Talos. So how do you play a quest in this Apex Chronicle?

Play on World’s Edge

You must be playing Battle Royale mode, in Trios or Duos, on World’s Edge. This is because the map is located on Talos, Bloodhound’s homeworld. You cannot do the quest in Ranked Leagues or any type of Arenas match. The quest locations are randomly generated and will not be the same for all players in a given match, so you will not be competing for the same trail with everyone.

It is recommended, but not required, that if you do not queue with friends who know what you are doing, that you no-fill matchmake, as to not detract from a random team’s performance.

Play as Bloodhound

There may be Apex Chronicles in the future that allow you to play multiple characters, or whoever you want, but for Old Ways, New Dawn, you must play as Bloodhound. This is their mission that lets you discover the destruction of their planet, as well as take a deeper look into their own anxieties and guilt.

Finding the White Raven

White Raven mission
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If you have met all of the prior requirements, there will be a white raven somewhere around the map near you, that you must track down to begin the mission.

White Raven on map
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To find the exact location of the white raven, refer to your in-game map. There will be a raven icon in yellow with a circle around it. This will tell you where the white raven is. Only you will be able to see it. Your teammates and other players cannot — even other Bloodhounds. They will have a different white raven location.

Investigating the White Raven

Interact with White Raven
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Once you go to the proper location, you will find the white raven perched on some sort of geography. From here, you will be able to begin your quest by pressing whichever key or button you have set to interact/pick up. The white raven will fly off and you will be able to follow the Prowler for the quest from there.

Continuing an in-progress quest

If you are unable to complete the quest in a single match, you can resume the mission from a checkpoint in a future match, as long as all of the base requirements (mode, location, Legend) are still met. There are a total of three different chapter missions. Storywise, there is a Prologue, Chapters 1 to 3, and a Finale.