How to activate leash mode in To The Rescue

Don’t go barking mad.

Image via Freedom Games

To The Rescue requires you to move each dog from place to place to keep them clean, watered, and fed. It can be challenging to remember how to activate leash mode for the process to begin. Here’s how to do it.

At any point in the game, you can hold the Left Shift key to reveal your character’s leash. Now, get close to the dog you want to move, and a yellow arrow should appear above their heads. After that, you can walk without holding the Left Shift key. Once you’ve reached the pet’s needed destination, you’ll see the area yellow striped. To place the dog inside a bath, for example, hold Left Shift again and press the left mouse button. The dog should now be placed in the desired spot.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Moving your dog between different kennels so it can hang out with its fellow canines is easy. Follow the same steps and wait for the yellow stripes in the area to drop the dog at that area. To hand off a dog to a new owner, press the left mouse button while the animal is on the leash.

The UI can be confusing with how to switch items as well. When you try to bathe a dog from its filthy state, you can grab the bucket and scrub with the left mouse button. Press the E key to switch between them. You have two open spots in your inventory.