How to activate the cheat engine in Ravenous Devils

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Ravenous Devils is a fiendishly simplistic game on the surface. You kill customers in the tailor’s shop, use their bodies and other ingredients to make food for patrons in the pub, and reuse their clothes to make new outfits to sell above. However, as you acquire more ingredients, tables, and mannequins, the game becomes a balancing act of resources and profit. This guide explains how to activate the cheat engine in Ravenous Devils so that you can play without fear of dwindling supplies.

How to open and use the cheat engine

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At the time of writing, there is no native cheat engine for Ravenous Devils. We’ve also been unable to find any cheats that allow for infinite resources in the game without requiring a third-party application. We can’t verify how safe the cheat systems available for the game are, but we’ve found a couple that open up an interface allowing you to alter the number of every ingredient you have to infinite like the Flour is.

Can you complete the game without a cheat engine?

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Yes, it’s entirely possible to complete Ravenous Devils and unlock 100% of the items within it without using a cheat engine. This will take time and patience, though. The story takes a while to work through because you encounter primarily targets so infrequently. However, if you stick to stocking up your shop until it’s full before starting each day, you should end the days with enough cash to quickly buy up every upgrade, resulting in you unlocking everything there is to purchase early on.

We believe that this is the best way to play the game since you ruin the moment-to-moment stress of the core gameplay if you play with a cheat engine. If you’re not worried about where to use the next body or which meal to cook next to have enough supplies left for the day ahead, then there’s not as much fun. This is how the developer intended the game to be played, so you owe it to them to at least try to finish it without using cheats once.