Ravenous Devils Achievement list – All Achievements and trophies

Don’t miss a single one.


Screenshot by DoubleXP

Like most games, Ravenous Devils has a trophy/Achievement list that gives players a reason to stick with it even after they’ve completed the story. Sometimes these can be missable, requiring a second or even third playthrough. However, if you know what each one is ahead of time, you can work out which ones you could miss and focus on getting them. This guide lists every Trophy/Achievement in the game to track what you’ve done and what you’re yet to do. We’ve also got a few notes telling you what you need to think about for the more challenging ones.

Complete Ravenous Devils trophy/Achievement list

  • Epistolary Relationship – Receive the first letter
  • Annoying blond guy – Take Elliot’s measurements
  • What a thud! – Help Gilbert
  • A faulty woman – Make a new dress for Yvonne
  • In a better place – Find out where Elisewin is gone
  • Mom?! – Act like a good parent
  • Friendly paw – Buy a warm couch for your cat (Buy the chair for the cat as soon as you get it)
  • Shhh…he doesn’t know – Hire an attendant (Buy the attendant upgrade)
  • Feed me all night long – Fertilize the unusual plant in the greenhouse and make it sprout up
  • Ravenous Devils – Who is the real devil in the end?
  • It’s not that rusty – Produce minced meat 20 times
  • A really strange machine – Produce sausage meat 20 times
  • Slaughterhouse – Produce steak meat 20 times
  • Men devouring men – Buy all tables. Now you’re not just doing take-away, you have a real restaurant!
  • House of horrors – Get all the upgrades. Mr. T would be proud
  • Green thumb – So, you got into gardening (Unlock the greenhouse)
  • Evergreen jokes – Do you like black humor? No? You’ll like it, trust me (Hear every joke the plant can tell)
  • Gourmet chef – Learn all your grandma’s recipes
  • Oink! – Play with the sign 10 times
  • I’m sorry, no bikini here – Buy a new outfit (it’s not for Vicky this time)
  • Stocked shop – Open the shop with the expositor and the mannequins full (Stock up before opening for the day)
  • Anyone else? – Use your scissors 50 times with your clients (Kill 50 people)
  • A boring day – You didn’t use your scissors today. It was boring, wasn’t it? (Don’t kill anyone for a day)
  • Honest work – Complete the game 100%