How to backspin or topspin in Mario Golf: Super Rush

Get things rolling in the right direction.

Image via Nintendo

Having complete control of where your ball travels in Mario Golf: Super Rush will help you perform better at the game. Not only will it allow you to keep your ball on the fairway, but when making your approach to the green, you will be located closer to the hole. Sure, you could change the curve of your ball through the air to do this, but choosing the spin can have the same effect when it reaches the ground. Here is how to add topspin or backspin to your shots in Mario Golf: Super Rush.

Adding spin to your shot in Mario Golf: Super Rush is handled while deciding your power on your swing. First, press A to start the meter. When it gets to where you want it, instead of pushing A again for a standard swing, double tab A to add topspin or press B for backspin. You can double-tap B for even more backspin.

When you put topspin on the ball, it won’t spend as much time in the air but will roll forward more when it reaches the ground. You will want to give a little bit of distance between the landing point and the hole, so the ball has a chance to slow down.

Screenshot by Gamepur

For backspin, the opposite happens. The ball will have more of a floaty feel to it and will not roll as much when it reaches the ground. If it hits a hill properly, the ball may even begin rolling backward.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Be sure to practice using topspin and backspin swings to learn how it affects the ball on certain holes. It mainly is a great way to control your roll when taking a shot to land on the green and place yourself closer to the hole.