How to bear Gorgemouth in the Failed Experiment pet battle in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Judging by size, there was definitely some gorging happening here.

Image via Blizzard

Pet battles never run out of style in World of Warcraft, and the Maldraxxus zone in Shadowlands requires you to navigate a few nasty areas before laying down your challenge when a world quest appears. The Failed Experiment, better known as Gorgemouth, is one fight your pets will probably see later in their nightmares. Thankfully, you can still bring down this abomination with the right team.

The perfect one-two punch for this fight will be Unborn Val’kyr and Zandalari Kneebiter. You can toss in any third pet that you want to deal the final blows if necessary. Begin your match by casting Curse of Doom on Gorgemouth, setting up some good damage after four rounds are over. You can then use Haunt, which eliminates the Unborn Val’kyr from your team, but continues to deal damage to Gorgemouth for the rest of the fight.

This will bring in your Zandalari Kneebiter. Start with Black Claw to amplify the damage you’ll be doing for each round, and then choose Hunting Party. This will damage Gorgemouth, and combined with the 50% one-round damage increase this attack gives, Curse of Doom should activate, and Haunt will throw in the extra damage necessary. If your Kneebiter falls, send in your third pet to clean up whatever is left of Gorgemouth. You’ll come away with a bit of rep with the Undying Army and some EXP if you’re still leveling.