How to beat Nurgush Muckformed in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

This troll doesn’t even need a dungeon.

With each week, World of Warcraft: Shadowlands rotates a new world boss to seek and kill. One of those is in Revendreth: a giant troll named Nurgush Muckformed. We’ll tell you how to deal with him on your way to scooping up a few legendary recipes from his ugly corpse.

Nurgush will spawn at one of the most Northwestern points in Revendreth, located at 27.0, 14.6 inside Dominance Keep. He’s a hulking mass of a troll, so you’ll easily spot him as you make your way up the hill.

Nurgush likes to hit many things at once, which is why he uses two AoE attacks. Earthen Blast will target tanks who are in the fight, hitting an area with shards of rock. Stay away from any designated tanks who are currently wailing on Nurgush to avoid this attack. Nurgush also uses Hail of Stones, which sends out more heavy rocks to areas further away. This has a five-second warmup, so you’ll have time to get in close to the troll, avoiding the rain of rubble.

Tanks should also look out for Stone Fist, a high-damage melee strike that demands some healing afterward. Speaking of healing, Nurgush wil occasionally slip into Deep Slumber, healing every second for ten total seconds. This will also give you a chance to negate his healing with your own damage, so go for it.

Nurgush can drop three possible legendary memories: Frenzied Monstrosity for Unholy Death Knights, Erratic Fel Core for Havoc Demon Hunters, and Azj’Aqir’s Madness for Destruction Warlocs. You may come out of the fight with some sweet new gear, too.