How to beat the Lode Golem in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising

Crack the Lode Golem wide open in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising.

Screenshot via DoubleXP

The Lode Golem is the second main boss in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising, which can be found in The Quarry. Similar to The Hollow Plant, it has a shield protecting itself. What is different this time is that the Lode Golem moves so you don’t have as much space to move around as in the previous boss fight.

Despite this, the Lode Golem is still pretty easy to beat. It has three attacks throughout the fight. The first is a simple ground pound that will damage you if you’re in front of it. The second is where it shoots its arm at you. Its arm can be deflected back to it, dealing significant damage by hitting back using one of Garoo’s attacks. The last attack is similar to The Hollow Plant. Instead of a root coming out of the ground, rocks will fall from the sky, which you can tell by the red lines that appear beforehand. These can also be hit towards the Lode Golem with Garoo. The Golem’s shield can also be lowered by hitting it normally.

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Once its shield is down, the crystal in its head will be exposed as the Golem collapses to the floor. Hit the crystal as effectively as you can (and don’t forget to link attack). After the Golem is past half health, the Golem arm attack will go faster, making it harder to deflect. It shouldn’t take more than three rounds to defeat the Lode Golem.