Where to find wheat in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising

Wheat will help you make some delicious sandwiches in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising.

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Wheat is a treasured resource within our world, but it also applies to Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising as well. It can help you form sandwiches for the party, but you’ll need to progress through the story to even find wheat. Here’s where to find it.

What you have to do first

The ability to gain wheat comes after beating the second major boss of the game, the Lode Demon. CJ and Garoo return to the village and discover that a farmer wants to start making produce for the village after a long shortage. To help him, you’ll need to gather lumber and gain an Agricultural Seed. In order to do that, you’ll need to go back to the Great Forest once again.

You can gain lumber easily by chopping down trees in the environment, but the Agricultural Seed will be a little bit tougher than that. What stands in your way is the Hollow Plant boss once more, but this time it has leveled up. Follow the same tactics as before, evading its root attacks and jumping over the projectile from the worm (and then hitting it). You’ll likely triumph over it once again if you’re around Level 13-15. You’ll find the Agricultural Seed behind it.

The reward

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After that, return to the farmer and he’ll start to sell you wheat at 100 baqua each. Then, you’ll want to head over to the tavern in Outlander Lane. Over there, you can make a sandwich, which requires a Wild Bird Egg and one piece of wheat. Once crafted, the sandwich gives 500HP back to the user and additional luck of a 0.2 scale.