Where to find salt in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising

Don’t get salty, we know where to find this resource.

Screenshot by DoubleXP

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is home to many dropped items and ingredients, and salt is a valuable resource that can be used in your recipes. Here’s where to find it within this sidescroller RPG.

Salt location in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising

You’ll be able to find salt within the second major area of the game, the Quarry. When you get to the first room, move to the right until you find the fluffball creatures we found back in the Great Forest. They will be close to the entrance.

Rather than ignoring them, strike these fluffballs down. They will drop salt on the ground, and they’ll flash in yellow. Pick them off the ground to collect the resource.

Screenshot by DoubleXP

While these cotton-like creatures with black beady eyes drop sugar in the Great Forest, this variation drops salt in the quarry instead. We expect that they’ll be in every biome with different ingredients so watch out for them.

Mushroom Soup for everyone

Once you’ve gained enough salt from these weak foes, go back to the village and head to Outlander Lane. Visit the tavern’s sign to bring up a bunch of recipes.

With enough savorcaps (mushrooms) and salt, you can create a Mushroom Soup, which recovers 500 HP and gives 0.1% more of a critical hit rate. It’s a small upgrade but it’s another way to heal yourself during the tricky battles of Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. More recipes requiring salt will likely be given to you throughout the course of the game.