How to beat the Terra Flora Darkmess Dam in Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope

Time to destroy some darn dams.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Darkmess is splattered across every planet in Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope, and when you reach Terra Flora, you’ll have to deal with Darkness Dams. These crystal structures block up the water supply that gives this world its flowers, so they need busting. Here’s how to do that.

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Screenshot by Gamepur

How to beat the Darkmess Dam

The good news is that by this point in the game, this particular challenge shouldn’t be all that, well, challenging. The goal is simple: you need to destroy three dams, each one on a lower level than the last. While you can technically destroy them in any order, it makes sense to work your way down.

To destroy a dam, you need to hit it with one of the vials found around the map. Two spawn by each cauldron, and you can the vials up and toss them the same way you’d throw a Goomba or Bob-omb. By leapfrogging team jumps and jumps pads, it’s possible to roll through this challenge pretty quickly and blow through all three dams with quick tosses.

However, there is a risk with going through too carelessly: if you get shot while carrying a vial, it will explode and deal heavy damage to you and any nearby teammates. Vials respawn by their cauldron if you fumble too much, so you’ll always have another chance, but do be careful. The Lone Wolves and their overwatch attack can really get in the way if you’re not paying attention. Sometimes it’s better to sit still or set down a vial instead of walking through the danger zone.

The only other thing to note is that with each dam that breaks, more water will fill in the trenches of the lower areas of the map. If you’re going in descending order, it won’t really make a difference, though. Do that, don’t be reckless with the vials; pick off enemies as you go, and you’ll get through this encounter A-okay.