How to beat Volkner in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

So, this is what overpowered looks like.

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The Sunyshore City Gym in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl is less of a grand finale than it is a display of your newfound powers. As you should have either Dialga or Palkia (depending on the game version), most of the gym’s Electric-types should only put a scratch on your Legendary. However, with Gym Leader Volkner going against the grain and having more than just one type of Pokémon, you will need some back ups plans before you head to him.

How to solve the Sunyshore City Gym puzzle

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For this gym’s puzzle, players are instructed to step on various colored buttons to unblock the stairs leading to Volkner. If aimlessly pressing these, solving this can take up to an hour, and that definitely isn’t advised. There will be five trainers you’re required to face during this process, so make sure you’re stocked on Potions and Full Heals. Here’s how you’ll go about getting to the gym leader.

  1. When entering the gym, begin by pressing the green button on the right side of the room once. From there, return to the entrance way, but then press the green button on the left side.
  2. After, take the new pathway leading to the blue button and step on this three times. If done correctly, you’ll be able to advance to the second floor from the stairs on the left.
  3. While making your way up, press the next blue button one time and the nearby green button soon after. This should open a lane to the right side of the room where a red button needs to be pressed.
  4. After, go back to the left side of the room, activate the red button and then do this once more with the green one next to it. The stairs should once again be open to you, now allowing you to go on the third floor.
  5. At this top floor, you’ll spot and press the green button in the front of the room twice. A bridge should then allow you to press the blue button nearby.
  6. This will let you take the stairs leading back down to the front of the third floor. Click the red button on the right side and take the stairs back up to find a new bridge leading to Volkner.

Which Pokémon does Volkner have?

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To catch you by surprise, Volkner will only have two Electric-type Pokémon, with the others being Normal and Water-types. These four Pokémon are Raichu (Lv. 46), Ambipom (Lv. 47), Octillery (Lv. 47), and Luxray (Lv. 49). Although you may see these in this order, Raichu’s Volt Switch will allow Volkner to change Pokémon at a moment’s notice. Thus, you should counter this by switching your own Pokémon to the most effective type at the moment.

In terms of these Pokémon’s weaknesses, you should formulate your party around Ground-types and moves which are super effective towards Electric Pokémon. That being said, you will need to be careful when battling Octillery. It will attempt to use Focus Energy to boost the critical hit chance of its Aurora Beam — an Ice attack that is deadly when directed at Ground Pokémon.

Best Pokémon to use against Volkner in the Sunyshore City Gym

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Acquiring either Dialga or Palkia before heading to this gym makes the eighth badge possibly the easiest to obtain in the game — if they’re used wisely. Before fighting Volkner, make sure they have leveled up at least once. This should make them Level 48, and now able to learn Dragon Claw. The move can be used up to 15 times and usually gets Electric-types to faint with a single hit.

For Ground-type Pokémon, an excellent choice and easy find is Onix. Combined with TM28 Dig and TM26 Earthquake, the Pokémon will should have no issue taking out Volkner’s Luxray and Raichu. You can discover an Onix with Dig already learned by heading into the Grand Underground from Sunyshore City. It is most common in the Sandsear Cave Hideaway, where it is typically around Level 45.

Speaking of Sandsear Cave, another great backup Pokémon to find there will be Rhyhorn. However, you should look for one above Level 35, as this is when it will learn Drill Run. The Ground-type attack holds 80 Power, but will do twice the damage when used against most Pokémon in this gym.

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