How to bring an offering to the altar in Immortals Fenyx Rising: The Lost Gods

Networking with the pantheon.

After taking on the roll of Ash in the new Immortals Fenyx Rising: The Lost Gods DLC, players will find them exploring the a new island from a whole new perspective. The first area, called Pyrite Landing is designed to get you used to a pretty simply mechanic in the game.

If you want Fenyx, the deity looking after you, to be able to perform miracles, then you will need to make some offerings to the altars that are scattered around the islands different regions.

For this particular quest, the altar in question is directly beside where Fenyx tries to raise a bridge for you before you lose your magical connection to her. You will need to find some olivers to make your offerings.

You can find a group of Oliver trees on the eastern side of island, about half way down the coast. There are three olive trees here in total. Hit them with your weapon to knock off the fruit, then interact with it to pick it up.

All you need to do now is head back to the altar near where Fenyx tried to make the bridge and interact with it. This will bring up a menu and the central icon will be the offering, allowing you to request that Fenyx raise the bridge.

This is how it will work for all miracles that you need to request from the gods, so be sure to keep and eye out for olives and other resources that you will need to make the offerings.