How to capture Stunfisk and best movesets in Pokémon Go

Stunfisk has arrived to Pokémon Go.

Pokémon GO

Image via Niantic

Stunfisk made its debut in Pokémon Go during the Tricky Pokémon event, which started on April 1, 2020. While Stunfisk made its debut during this time, it’s not the last time we see this Pokémon as they’ll still available for you to capture afterword.

Following the event, Stunfisk is also available through the Pokémon Go Battle League reward system. It’s available as a random encounter once you reach rank 4. After that, you can regularly have it appear as a random encounter if you win at least four of the five available battles for each Battle League set. If you drop below rank 4, Stunfisk does become unavailable.

Stunfisk is a Ground and Electric-type Pokémon with a max CP of 2,162. It has an attack of 144, a defense of 171, and stamina of 240. It’s not an incredible Pokémon to add to your roster, but it’s a solid choice for trainers looking to add a decent Great or Ultra league Pokémon to their line-up. The best moves for it to have consist of thundershock and discharge, mud shot and discharge, or thundershock and mud bomb.

Stunfisk won’t be easy to capture forever. It may become easier or more accessible for trainers during special events in the future. It may rotate out of the Battle League rewards, and if this happens we’ll update this page with new information about how to capture it.

Also, the Galarian version of Stunfisk will be available for a limited time as a potential Pokémon through 7-kilometer eggs during the Throwback Challenge Champion research tasks available in early June. For those who qualify for the Throwback Challenge Champion research tasks have a higher chance of encountering the Galarian Stunfisk as it will be a random Pokémon encounter reward for some of these tasks.