How to catch a Bunger – Burger Time – Bugsnax

Good Bunger.


Image via Sony

The last task you will need to complete for Wambus before moving on in the game is the catch a Bunger. Bungers are a little different to all the Bugsnax you have caught so far, and you will need to use a new tactic to get him. Wambus will give you a net that you can use to catch stunned Bugsnax, but he won’t give you any clues on how to stun the Bunger.

As you approach the Bunger, a Shiskabug will appear, and the Bunger will headbutt it, knocking it over and stunning it. This will allow you to grab the Shiskabug by hitting the Square button. This is your little mini-tutorial on this capture method, but you still need to figure out how to stun the Bunger. They are too tough to stun themselves on a bush or tree, even if you put ketchup on it.

To get the Bunger into the same situation, you will need to use another Bunger. These little guys love Ketchup, so use your Sauce Slinger to lure two Bungers close together. When they are close, hit one of the Bungers with some ketchup, and his friend will charge and headbutt him. 

This will knock him over, allowing you to grab him up in the net. You will only have a short time to grab him, so be quick. A stunned Bugsnack will give you 10 seconds to grab it before the stun wears off. This normally isn’t an issue, but aggressive Bugsnax that charge you can stop you from reaching it, so make sure the other Bunger doesn’t headbutt you away before you can catch his stunned friend.