How to catch a Cinnasnail in Bugnax

Slow and sugary.


Image via Sony

Chandlo will ask you to catch him a Cinnasnail in Bugsnax, because he thinks it will make him even stronger. These little guys like to hang out in hard to reach places, so you will need to use a combination of your equipment to get one. There is actually one walking around on the rock to the right of where you are talking to Chandlo, so finding one is very easy to do. If for some reason, the Cinnasnail is not there, head for Snorpy’s house and turn right, there will be one on a ledge on the face of the cliff.

To catch him, you need to set up your launchpad. Place your Snak Trap on top of it, and then aim it at the Cinnasail. Fire the trap over and activate it to catch the creature. You’ll need to quickly change from the Launchpad to the Snak Trap in your gear wheel to do this. Once the Cinnasnail is in the trap, hit and hold L1 to bring up your gear wheel and quickly change to your Snak Grappler.

You will need to grab the Snak Trap with the Snak Grappler before the time runs out, or else the Cinnasnail will escape. There is also a small chance the Trap might fall off, if this happens too much, there is another place you can get a Cinnisnail. 

Walk up the bridge then go right and walk around the cliffside, you will eventually come to a platform below you that has a Cinnasnail on it.