How to catch a Nincada in Pokémon Go – Hoenn Collection Challenge

How hard could it be?

Image via Niantic

The new collection challenges in Pokémon Go put players to the test to see if they’re capable of capturing certain Pokémon within a specific time frame. If you do, you’ll receive a badge, and a small number will appear showing how many trainers were able to beat it before you. You might be lucky to receive the top 100 or slots before others. But the big challenge is finding all of the Pokémon on the list. For the Hoenn Collection Challenge, you need to capture a Nincada, and this one might be difficult for some trainers.

Nincada is an interesting Pokémon. It’s typically available at certain times, and it comes and goes in the mobile game, even though it’s not a rare Pokémon. The Pokémon Go blog did not list if it would receive an increased spawn in the wild, if it would be featured in raids, or if you could hatch it from any of the Pokémon eggs. It is on the Hoenn Collection Challenge list, but you will need to rely on your luck to find it.

It’s a Bug and Ground-type Pokémon, so you want to look around parks, cities or venture out into areas where you can find a good amount of grassland. Bug-type Pokémon do hangout near cities, so don’t feel like you need to be in the wilderness to find it.

You may want to use as many incense items as you can while visiting these areas to increase your chances. We also recommend you use lures on PokéStops to try and capture some if you’re able to sit down at a location for 30 minutes. Other than potentially encountering Nincada in the wild, there’s no special way to find it.