How to catch a Pinkle in Bugsnax

Can you open the jar?


Image via Sony

You can find the Pinkle in Flavor Falls, the game’s first area. It will be walking around on the ground outside or can be found in caves. The Pinkle is protected by a jar that it wears which means you cannot catch it in a trap or with a net. This one is likely to confuse a lot of players because you discover the Bugsnack so early, but have no means to catch it. 

The only way to catch a Pinkle is to play through the game until you meet Snorpy, who will give you a device called the Snak Grappler. The Snak Grappler shoots out a hook that can pull items toward it. 

If you return to Flavor Falls after you have this device, you can use it to pull the jar off the Pinkle. The Pinkle will freak out and start to run around, so all you need to do is drop the jar, run up to it, and grab it with your net by hitting the Square button. It’s extremely easy when you know how. 

If you are not sure of where to find the Pinkle, you can locate one by just taking a right where you arrive in Flavor Falls, then walking up the river. You can either turn right down into a cave or left towards the rock wall. You will find a Pinkle in both areas.