How to catch a Preying Picantis in Bugsnax

A feisty fellow.


Image via Sony

The Preying Picantis is an aggressive Bugsnack that you can find in the Sizzling Sands area of the game. You will need to put out the fire that is on his body, and trip him up to be able to catch him.

You can find a Preying Picantise on a low platform near the pool of water in the center of the area. The first thing to do is clear out the Sodie with your Trip Shot. If you let him swim around he will give the Preying Picantis something else to aggro to, making him harder to control.

Set up your Launchpad beside the pool, then place your Trip Shot on top of it. Fire the Trip Shot into the pool and grab the Sodie when it crashes into it. Now, set it all up again and go to the platform with the Preying Picantis on it. Lure him into the pool so that the fire goes out, then you have 20 seconds to trip him and catch him.

Lure him into the Trip Shot without hitting the wire yourself, or it will break. When the Preying Picantis trips, you can run up to him and hit Square to catch him in your net. If you don’t trip him within 20 seconds, he will break up into smaller Bugsnax and you will need to find a new Preying Picantise to try and catch.