How to catch a shiny Cranidos during Ultra Unlock Part 1: Time in Pokémon Go

Where is it hiding?

Image via Niantic

The first week of the Ultra Unlock rewards has arrived in Pokémon Go. In this week’s event, Pokémon from all timelines are being pulled into reality, and that means there’s a chance for you to capture some of the rarer Pokémon that you normally might have struggled to find during certain events. One of these Pokémon will be Cranidos, and the event is doubly special because it’s introducing its shiny version. So what’s the best way to catch shiny Cranidos during Ultra Unlock Part 1: Time?

There are few ways that Cranidos is spawning throughout the event. You can find it in the wild, from 7km eggs, and it will appear in one-star raids. Of the three choices, we highly recommend focusing on the 7km eggs and one-star raids. The raids are typically the best way to capture a Pokémon because you can clearly see it in the Gym raid. While these opportunities only last an hour, it’s far better than hedging your bets on it being inside a 7km egg.

The odds of hatching a Cranidos are likely extremely low. Thankfully, this can be a passive activity you do while you’re walking around searching for raids to challenge it to a battle. The same goes for finding it in the wild. There’s a small chance of it appearing, but there’s still a chance. Also, when it comes to raids, the Pokémon have a much higher chance of being the shiny version. The chances of encountering a shiny Pokémon are one to 20, whereas finding a shiny version in the wild is one in 500.

During the Ultra Unlock Part 1: Time event, there’s also an opportunity for you to catch Cranidos in an event-exclusive Field Research task, specifically the ‘win a raid’ task. If you receive this one from a Pokéstop from July 23 to August 3, Cranidos is the encounter.

We highly recommend that if you see a Cranidos in a raid, you run after it and try to fight it. The event-exclusive Field Research task is also a good method, right alongside hatching it from a 7km egg. Don’t count on finding it in the wild.