How to catch Alomomola in Pokémon Go for the Valentine’s Day Collection Challenge

It’s easier to find than you think.

Image via Niantic

Alomomola is one of the 11 Pokémon you need to catch for the Valentine’s Day Collection Challenge in Pokémon Go. The Collection Challenge will be available from February 14 at 1 PM until the 18 at 8 PM, in your local time zone. Unlike several of the other Pokémon featured in the collection, Alomomola will only appear by finishing a particular field research task or encountering it in raids.

You can obtain the field research task from any Poké Stop or Gym you wander past. There are two that feature Alomomola. The first is to win two raids; the second is to catch 20 Luvdisc. Of the two tasks, we recommend going after the catch 20 Luvdisc. While it requires you to catch quite a few of them, it beats having to waste your raid passes to catch Alomomola. The Valentine’s Day Collection Challenge requires you also to catch Latios and Latias, the two legendary Pokémon appearing in five-star raids.

Alternatively, if you have a raid pass available, the alternative method to catching Alomomola is to find it in three-star raids and take it down. If you engage it, it’s a Water-type Pokémon. You’ll want to use any Grass and Electric-type Pokémon. You can use Venusaur, Meganium, Abomasnow, Virizion, Chesnaught, Tangrowth, or Raikou. Most Grass-type Pokémon will be able to withstand a majority of the Water-type attacks.

Alomomola won’t be too difficult to find. While the win two raids field research task rewards you, Alomomola, catching 20 Luvdisc is a better choice, followed by finding it at a three-star raid.