How to catch Big Bopsicles in Bugsnax

Feeling frosty.


Image via Sony

While Cromdo is interested in heading back to Snaxburg, he needs a way to cross the desert in comfort. He asks you to get him two Big Bopsicles so that he can change his feet into something a bit more suitable for walking across the hot sands. You can find Big Bosicles in the Sugarpine Woods area, so will not be able to complete this until you get there in the story.

Catching these guys is quite tough, as they are covered in ice. If you try to grab them, you will freeze. You also cannot catch them in a trap, they will just smash it. You will actually need one of the new devices that you get from Snorpy in the Sugarpine Woods, the Trip Shot. Once again, you’ll need to play through the story until you arrive in this section of the island, do some missions for a character called Chandlo, then you will get to chat with Snorpy. 

To catch the Big Bopsicle, look in the ravine to the right of Snorpy’s house and you will see one walking around. Just below Snopry’s house, you will see a pool of water. We need to lure the Big Bopsicle in there to melt the ice. 

We also need to set up the Trip Shot as shown in the image above. Just because the ice is melted doesn’t mean we can catch the Big Bopsicle, we also need to trip it up, then we can use our net on it by hitting Square.

Walk to the Big Bopsicle and let it see you. It is aggressive and will charge you. It will also follow you, so lead it to the water and jump in behind the Trip Shot. When it follows, run all the way around the Trip Shot and stand on the other side so it chases you again. Don’t run through the Trip Shot or it will get reset. 

The Big Bopsicle will charge you again, trip, and you will be able to grab it. If you don’t trip a Big Bopsicle after melting the ice a timer will start, when it hits zero the Big Bopsicles will break into two smaller Bopsicles, a different type of Bugsnack.