How to Catch Butterflies in Rover’s Garden Safari | Event Guide


More butterflies have been added to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, but catching them is a bit different than usual. These new butterflies can only be caught in your own garden, as they’re only attracted to certain plants.

Diamond butterflies and topaz butterflies are the two, rare Pocket Camp butterflies available in the Rover’s Garden Safari event right now, but the winter butterflies and gold winter butterflies will arrive on Jan. 17. Diamond butterflies are attracted to blue dahlias, while topaz butterflies are drawn to red dahlias.

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Once you plant either of these two plants and they bloom, butterflies will start to arrive. There are three options for catching butterflies: just go at them with your net individually, collect them all at once, or ask Lloid to do it for you. Clicking a plant will pull up a menu that gives these options.

The Capture and Capture All options are chance-based, instead of timing-based, like normal in Pocket Camp. There’s no reasoning behind whether a butterfly is caught or not—but from our experience, Capture All seems more reliable. To ensure you capture all the butterflies, you can ask Lloid to do it for you. He’ll catch all the butterflies, but it’ll cost 10 Leaf Tickets.

If there are a ton of butterflies at your garden, it might be worth it to shell out the 10 Leaf Tickets to capture them all. But if you don’t have enough Leaf Tickets, Capture All is your best bet.