How to catch Charmallows in Bugsnax

Campside treats.


Image via Sony

The Charmallow can be found in Sugarpine Woods between 4 PM and 4 AM, so if it’s not that time you might consider trying to hunt something else to pass the time, or maybe going back to Snaxburg so you can sleep and pass the time. 

The main problem with trying to catch these fiery Bugsnax is that they will burn you if you try to pick them up. As such, we need a way to make them fall out of the sky and put out the fire. 

When it comes to making them fall, you can use the Trip Shot. You will need to be smart about how you set it up. Scan the Charmallow, which you can find flying around behind Snorpy’s house. This will reveal the route that it is flying. Now, stand on the very small wooden deck at the back of the house and place down the Trip Shot. 

Fire it at one of the rocks below you and it will pass through the route taken by the Charmallow. When it flies into the line it will trip and fall into the water below, putting out the flames. Jump down into the water and hit Square to grab it in your net before it can escape. 

You will need to get two of these for Snopry, and you can find another one flying around over a pool to the right of Snorpy’s house. Just jump up on the jump pad that you can find behind his house, and it will be at the end of the trail to the left.