How to catch Heatmor during Ultra Unlock 2021 Part 2: Space in Pokémon Go

Where do you need to go to find it?

Image via Niantic

A handful of Pokémon are tough to capture in Pokémon Go due to where they spawn because they only spawn in a specific region. Heatmor, for example, will only spawn in Europe, Asia, and Australia. If you live in North America, South America, or Africa, you’ll have to visit one of these regions for a chance to capture it or trade with another trainer who was able to visit these areas and caught one. However, for Ultra Unlock 2021 Part 2, Heatmor will be appearing worldwide for a limited time. How can you catch Heatmor during Ultra Unlock 2021 Part 2?

There are only two ways you’re going to be able to encounter Heatmor during Ultra Unlock 2021 Part 2. It will appear in the wild, and you can hatch it from 7km eggs. The 7km eggs are the ones you receive by trading gifts with friends, and there’s an egg inside the one you open. You’ll then have to place the egg into an incubator and walk at least 7km to hatch it unless you have an incubator that can shorten the time.

Of the two options, finding Heatmor in the wild is likely your best bet. To increase your chances of this happening, you can find a reliable Pokéstop and place a lure on it, drawing Pokémon in your region to that area, making them much easier to capture. You’ll want to do this in areas where you’ve encountered a Heatran before. It is a Fire-type, so a sunny day is a good idea, at the beach or in rocky regions.

The Ultra Unlock 2021 Part 2 event will happen from August 6 to 17 in your local time zone. Once the event wraps up, Heatmor will return to its region-specific spawns.