How to catch legendary Pokémon in the Pokémon Go Battle League season 5

Catch legendary Pokémon by competing in the season 5 of the battle league.

Image via Niantic

For those eager to earn more Pokémon, season 5 of the Pokémon Go battle league gives you the chance to earn more legendary Pokémon. You need to earn a specific trainer rank during season 5, and there are only a handful of Pokémon as available rewards. You won’t randomly have a chance to catch all of the legendary Pokémon, only certain ones.

To earn the chance to catch a legendary Pokémon as a reward, you need to reach trainer rank seven in the battle league. Once you reach rank seven, the random Pokémon encounter in the rewards. While you have a chance of receiving a legendary Pokémon, you still need to win a certain number of battles in a set at rank seven.

The available legendary Pokémon that you can encounter any of the Pokémon can appear in season 5. For example, Lugia will be available in a five-star raid from November 3 to November 16, so they will be an option for you to catch even after they have been removed from the five-star raids. The legendary Pokémon are added to the pool, so you might still encounter a standard Pokémon, even if you are eligible to receive a legendary Pokémon encounter.

To reach rank seven, you have to finish a certain number of battles, so you can expect to battle and fight several opponents before reach this rank. Your strategy will change based on if you’re fighting in the Great, Ultra, or Masters league.