How to catch Popticks in Bugsnax

An tough one to catch.


Image via Sony

To catch two Popsticks for Wiggle, you will need to make your way into the desert. You can do this from Snaxburg, but the route is probably going to be blocked by some cacti. To get rid of them, you need to talk with Filbo and attend the party that he wants to throw. 

Everyone currently living in the town will attend, and you will need to speak to them all to progress the game. Just chat with each character and then watch as some drama plays out. The morning after the part, the route will be clear and you can make your way into the desert. 

When you arrive in the desert you will first need to do some quests for Cromdo, to get a launchpad off him. You should also gather up some hot sauce from the nearby bushes. You will need both items if you want to catch a Poptick. 

There are too many places to find Popticks, and you can find them easily by looking for the fire scorpion-like Scorpenyo on the walls. You can fight one if you turn to the right, directly from where you walked into the desert area. 

There are a couple of steps you will need to go through to catch a Poptick. You cannot catch them until they are popped, and to do this you need heat. This is where the Scorpenyo comes in. Scorpenyo’s hate hot sauce, and will try to burn it. Go through the following steps to catch the Poptick. 

  • Set up the launchpad and place the Snak Trap on it. Do this far enough away so the Scorpenyo doesn’t burn it. 
  • Fire hot sauce at the Poptick using the Sauce Slinger. 
  • Wait until the Scorpenyo sets the Poptick on fire, then throw some hot sauce on the wall near the Scopenyo to distract it.
  • Switch to the launch pad and fire it at the Poptick after it has popped.
  • Catch the Poptick in the Snak Trap, then run up and grab it as quickly as you can, as the Scorpenyo might set fire to it. 

It can take a little practice, but eventually, you will work out the timing and get yourself two Popticks for Wiggle.