How to catch Shadow Lugia in Pokémon Go

Shadow Lugia has appeared.

Image via Niantic

In a sudden surprise, Shadow Lugia will be available for players to catch in Pokémon Go. This legendary Pokémon has the chance to appear as a much more powerful version of itself, adding another Pokémon to the already full Master League roster. Here’s what you need to know about catching Shadow Lugia and how you can get it.

Players can only capture it in Pokémon Go if they work their way through the Season of Mischief’s season-long Special Research, the Misunderstood Mischief quest. For the final part of the quest, everyone will have the chance to battle against five Team Rocket grunts and then one of the three Team Rocket leaders. Upon defeating the Team Rocket leader, the Special Research rewards you with the Super Rocket Radar, which you can use to find Giovanni, who has Shadow Lugia. By defeating Giovanni, you’ll be able to rescue Shadow Lugia and add it to your roster.

Shadow Lugia will only be available for a limited time. Because the Super Rocket Radar is tied to the Misunderstood Mischief Special Research, this might be the only way Shadow Lugia appears in Pokémon Go. Giovanni may only have the chance to appear until the Season of Mischief, so he might disappear again following the end of November 2021.